How to obtain AssetManager without reference to Context?

I have a class that needs to obtain a reference to it's application's AssetManager. This class does not extend any sort of android UI class, so it doesn't have a getContext() method, or anything similar. Is there some sort of static Context.getCurrentApplicationContext() type of method?

To clarify: my class is intended to be used like a library, for other applications. It has no associated AndroidManifest.xml or control over the context which is calling it.

The key to this problem is :

  1. Create a subclass of Application, for instance public class App extends Application
  2. Set the android:name attribute of your tag in the AndroidManifest.xml to point to your new class, e.g. android:name=".App"</li>
  3. In the onCreate() method of your app instance, save your context (e.g. this) to a static field named app and create a static method that returns this field, e.g. getApp():
  4. </ol>

    This is how it should look:

    public class App extends Application{
        private static Context mContext;
        public void onCreate() {
            mContext = this;
        public static Context getContext(){
            return mContext;

    Now you can use:

    whenever you want to get a context, and then